Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Practice Makes Perfect

Hello everyone! I finally figured out how to a) record, b) edit and c) upload a video! Admittedly, it was a lot harder than I anticipated and the end result is less than perfect, but all of those things like lighting, transitions, video quality etc., will need to be worked out as I make and post more videos.

I had talked briefly in earlier posts about my personal struggles with confidence and uncertainty while performing in front of other people (and in life, generally). I started this blog so that I could document my musical journey, get tips on how to improve from other more seasoned musicians and hold myself accountable to my goal. However, I also wanted to deal with some of those fears head on. Which brings me to the video. 

I'm a little awkward and a little shy and, for that, I'm sorry (mostly to my closest friends who might be cringing in anticipation even now)...please divert your eyes away! I hope to make subsequent videos more Zoolander awkward and less Miley Cyrus awkward (did I just make a relevant pop culture reference?! - score!). There are also parts of the vocal that are a little painful and I would not be offended in the least if you skipped over those parts but for all of you brave souls who are willing to sit through the entire video, constructive feedback would be super appreciated AND there are outtakes at the end which are always my favourite thing about these kinds of videos. Okay, click on me below :)