Monday, 9 September 2013

Black Sheep’s First “Baaaa”

I like music...nay I LOVE music. Not in the way that kids these days (“hipsters”?) are all like, “have you heard [insert metaphorically sarcastic band name here] ...they are so rad” (on a side note, when did we start using “rad” again???) but in the “I love to create and play and dance and listen to all and any kind of music, any time, any day” kinda way (minus screamy heave metal). Not to say that I don’t appreciate a good newbie we’re-so-cool-cuz-we’re-not-cool-yet band – don't you fret, I love those guys too my fellow hipsters (I’m not cool enough to be one of you, I apologize).

I have been singing since I can remember and those who have grown up with me know this all too well since these are the wonderful people who on many occasions have told me to "pipe the heck down already" (they may or may not have used more aggressive language...rightly so). I have also played classical Royal Conservatory type flute music for about 17 years now. However, despite my constant and obnoxious humming, most people don’t know that I am absolutely terrified of performing on stage/in court/in class/etc. and when forced (usually by myself) I often come off awkward and uncomfortable...that is, when I’m not hyperventilating on stage and running off in tears (this has actually happened...I was 13).
Well, I’m a grown up now and it’s time to put all that behind me. I am going to concur stage freight once and for all because 1. I want to and 2. this will make me happy. I have owned a guitar since high school and yet I don't know how to play it (as a flautist, calluses on fingers are very unbecoming...yes, it’s true, flautists are that fancy). I have signed up for two classes at the local college – guitar 1 and vocal 1. While I am very excited to get going, I feel like I need a goal; something to hold myself accountable to. So, I have created a challenge.
I pledge, oh great Internet world, that by the end the semester I will not only be able to sing, but also PLAY, the following song:

I have picked this particular song because it holds a lot of meaning for me and has helped me deal with some pretty heavy stuff lately. The challenge will be:

·  to sing it (I have never had professional vocal training and cannot at this moment hit those high notes),

·  to play it (I have no proficiency at the guitar at this point but am able to read music *phew*),

·  and to not have a complete emotional breakdown during the performance and/or the learning process. 

I plan to document this experience as much as possible and post videos of my progress here on this blog and on YouTube in the hope that the Internet community and some of my friends may be able to offer some guidance. That is the challenge and I am up for it because I don't know for sure that this will make me happy but... I know that I'm brave enough to try.

Wish me luck!


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