Thursday, 19 December 2013

Things Broke...but nothin' a little gusto can't fix!

Hello friends. I'm so sorry I stayed away so long. I didn't mean to and I certainly didn't want to but things my computer, and my car, and my voice (again!), and the skin on my finger tips and my long streak of maintaining a pest-free home (in case you're wondering, the roach kind of pest and I ain't talkin' Papa). It took me some time to replace/heal/annihilate all of the things that broke and then it took me some more time to figure out how to use the new things (like my brand new awesome MacBook Air), but by Jove, I think I've got it! ....or maybe I'm just close. Either way, I need to upload a ton of new things. The first of which (below) I recorded a month ago after deciding that the content of these videos had become way too gloomy and serious - it was time for a dance my room, by myself, on a Saturday night, cuz I'm cool like that. As you will see, I tend to make faces and sway a lot so sorry I'm not sorry because I had fun and will probably do it again. 

Emma - out.

Seriously though, thanks for bearing with me. During my blogging absence I have received tons of calls and texts from y'all asking for updates, requesting songs and offering help and I'm so very grateful. My original goal is still in the works and I will have an update on that soon.