Monday, 13 January 2014

Wishing for Warmer Weather with a Woeful Song

Rihanna does this thing where she makes me think a song is fun, flirty, summery and reminds me of drinking umbrella drinks on a beach some where....that is until I actually listen to the lyrics. I think it's because in two of my favourite Rihanna reggae inspired songs, she addresses pretty depressing topics. This happened in Man Down from her Loud album and she does it again in her Unapologetic album with the song below, titled No Love Allowed (the title should have tipped me off but the only "i" anything I own aside from my new computer is an iPod shuffle so I never know what any songs are called). I would often listen to this song at work and would groove along to its repetitive Caribbean rhythms feeling soothed and lovely, when all of a sudden my brain would start to work and I would process that she's actually singing about a breakup - great. This juxtaposition stirs me up inside since my emotions don't know what to I keep swaying or do I stop and reflect on some of life's most difficult challenges? Hmmm...well I sing along, get it all out and continue to sway along. The result is documented below :)


  1. encore! encore! oh wait..i can just press the play button again

    1. the beauty of a's all in your control. lol, thanks!